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Dr. Dennis Cato

Cato's Last Day*
Cato and Friends*
Cato's last day as a teacher at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School 
He will be missed...
Top left to right: Selma N., Clara Longo, Sabrina DiNardo, Dalia L., Stephanie Lavallée, Pat Jakobiw, 
Dennis Cato, Keith Dugas, Derek Patry, Mark Daca   Bottom left to right: Nancy Peterson, Karen Thompson, Kelly Matthews, Kelly Guihan, Tariq Ahmad
PC's most beloved classroom*
"You're Shawn Scanzano, right? Look at that, look at that, look at that..."
What Shawn saw on the point bank was a ZERO.
So many memories; the laughter, the bickering and the chanting of "CATO". What will happen to
P.C.'s most beloved classroom?
The last Thought for Today ever*
The very last "Thought for Today" ever
Photos by Steve Faguy and Jason Moldovan
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